Mobile Application Development with Flutter

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Flutter is a cross-platform framework made by Google. To ease the development process and reduce development time, cross platforms play a very handy role. Flutter is not just for making Mobile Applications, it can be used to make desktop and web applications as well.  Flutter is Single-Code based, that means, you don’t have to maintain two different projects to create Android and iOS applications. Once you create an application using Flutter, it’s ready to be deployed in both platforms with some tiny adjustments.  Flutter uses Dart programming language, another gear made by Google. Dart is easy to learn and can be directly compiled to binary code.  Though Flutter is young in the industry,  it took less time to become popular because of it’s simplicity and large set of packages made by the developers all around the world. Now a days Flutter becoming the number one choice for developing Mobile Applications targeted for different platforms. Because of it’s high demand in the market, we are offering this course for those who want to learn Mobile Application development for different platforms. This course offers the simplest way of learning as well as the best quality. Anyone can subscribe to this course without any prior knowledge to programming or any other platform, because we are going to start from scratch. By the end of this course, you will be fully able to create beautiful applications for both iOS and Android at production level.


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