Complete web development guidline with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Javascript


Course Curriculum

HTML + CSS + Bootstrap
Intro to the HTML Section 00:00:00
What is HTML? See how it’s used EVERYWHERE! 00:00:00
Start a New HTML File & Use Tags 00:00:00
Header Tags: How to use them + why they are important. 00:00:00
Case Study: Using Header Tags to Improve SEO 00:00:00
Edit Text: Spacing, Styles, Paragraphs and more! 00:00:00
Links: Create Clickable Text-based Hyperlinks 00:00:00
Images: Add Images to Your Website with HTML 00:00:00
Case Study: Add a Clickable Image to My Website 00:00:00
Lists: Create Bullet-Point and Numbered Lists with HTML 00:00:00
Challenge Exercise 1: Build Your First Basic Website with HTML 00:00:00
Intro to CSS 00:00:00
How to Add CSS Styles 00:00:00
Case Study: Change the Header Style for My Website 00:00:00
Classes and Ids 00:00:00
Borders and Sizing 00:00:00
Padding and Margin: Putting Space Between Elements 00:00:00
Case Study: Using Padding & Margins to Adjust My Website 00:00:00
Text Styles: Alignment, Justification, and more! 00:00:00
Divs: Add Styling to a Group of HTML Code 00:00:00
Positioning: Move Around Elements on Your Screen 00:00:00
Hover: Change the Style while Hovering 00:00:00
Easily Center Elements with CSS 00:00:00
Fonts: Change the Font of Your Website 00:00:00
Challenge Exercise 2: Create a Website with CSS 00:00:00
Intro to Bootstrap 00:00:00
The Grid System: Make Your Website Responsive 00:00:00
Basics classes of Bootstrap! 00:00:00
Create a Website with Bootstrap 00:00:00
Overview html, css and Bootstrap 00:00:00
Why Learn PHP? 00:00:00
Installing PHP (XAMPP) 00:00:00
First PHP File 00:00:00
Variables & Constants 00:00:00
String and Number 00:00:00
Multidimensional Array, Loops, Boolean 00:00:00
Conditional Statements, Continue and Break, Functions, Variable Scope 00:00:00
Include and Require, Header and Footer 00:00:00
Forms in PHP, PHP Errors 00:00:00
MySQL Introduction,Connection DB 00:00:00
MySQL Query 00:00:00
Operations, Sessions, Cookies 00:00:00
Javascript Introductions 00:00:00
JS Dom Methods 00:00:00
Control flow and functions 00:00:00
Objects and Models 00:00:00
Inheritance, constructor, prototype, prototype inheritance 00:00:00
Es6 introductions 00:00:00

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