Graphic design with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign.

This course is designed for those who want to build a career in the graphic design field. In this course, we will cover all aspects of Graphic Design and it is most helpful for a fresher who can start afresh. A trainee will learn how to implement design concepts using tools and options. After completing this course, anyone can start work as a graphic designer. Graphic design is one of the best careers you can choose to pursue. You can start your career as a freelance graphic designer by working on any freelancing marketplace like,,, etc. Or you can get a job in various companies and organizations in various industries.

Software Taught

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign


Duration: 3 Months

Total Class – 36

(3days in a week)


Basic Knowledge of Using Computer.

Career Opportunity

Employment of graphic designers is projected to grow 3 percent over the next ten years. The work of graphic designers will continue to be important in marketing products throughout the economy. Freelancing or Permanent job, a graphic designer has both career opportunities. Nowadays freelancing is a popular choice as there are many freelancing marketplaces offering job opportunities. on the other side, a graphic designer can get a full time or part-time job in different types of companies in various industries. Can also work with a team as in various position.

A graphic designer can work as:

Graphics Designer
Creative Director
Creative Executive
Brand Promoter
PhotoShop Artist
Logo Designer
PhotoShop Artist
UI Designer

Course Curriculum

Class 01 (Introduction)
Introduction 00:00:00
What is graphic design 00:00:00
Tools for Graphic Design 00:00:00
Design concept and various type of design 00:00:00
Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to interface 00:00:00
Create a document 00:00:00
Document settings 00:00:00
Open image/picture 00:00:00
Class 02
Marquee tools [rectangular, elliptical, single row, single column] Options for Marquee tools Copy – paste Lasso tool 02:00:00
Class 03
Polygonal lasso tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Options for lasso tool, Background Remove, Quick selection tool and it’s Options, Magic wand tool and it’s Options 00:00:00
Class 04
Crop tool and it’s Options, Image Size, Canvas size, Image Rotation, Assignment 02 [Passport Size Photo Print], Eyedropper tool, Color Sampler tool 00:00:00
Class 05
Spot healing brush tool and it’s Options Healing brush tool and it’s Options Face cleaning Patch tool Content aware tool 00:00:00
Class 06
Brush tool and brush panel setting How to create a brush Pencil tool Clone stamp tool and it’s Options Pattern stamp tool and it’s Options History brush tool 00:00:00
Class 07
Eraser tool and it’s Options Background eraser tool and it’s Options Magic eraser tool and it’s Options Color Range Selection Assignment 04 [Critical background remove] 00:00:00
Class 08
What is Layer Hide/visible layer Layer order Lock a layer Burn tool and it’s Options Sharpen tool and it’s Options Smudge tool and it’s Options Assignment 04 [Photo Retouch] Assignment 05 [Photo editing] 00:00:00
Class 09
Vibrance Hue/Saturations Color Balance Black&White Gradient Map HDR toning Assignment 05 [Image Adjustment] Assignment 05 [Change/replace any background] Assignment [Change color ] 00:00:00
Class 10
Filter Gallery Different type of Blur Noise Pixelate Render Assignment 00:00:00
Class 11
Type tool Introduce font Font size, style, color Paragraph and Character panel Type mask tool Layer style/Blending options Dropshadow Inner shadow Outer glow Inner glow Bevel and emboss Assignment 07 [type and effects] 00:00:00
Class 12
Color overlay Gradient Overlay Pattern Overlay Stroke Satin Assignment 08 [Layer style] 00:00:00
Class 13
Pen tool and it’s options Layer masking Create shapes Rectangle tool Rounded rectangle tool Ellipse tool Polygon tool 00:00:00
Class 14
Line tool Custom shape tool Design with Photoshop Assignment 08 [Business Card Design] Assignment 08 [Letterhead + envelope Design] 00:00:00
Class 15
Assignment [ Flyer Design] Assignment [Social Media Cover and Post Design] Assignment [T-shirt Design] 00:00:00
Class 16
Adobe Illustrator Vector and raster graphic Different type of image file Introduction to adobe illustrator Introduction to different parts of Interface Create a Document and Document setting Selection tool Rectangle tool Rounded rectangle tool Ellipse tool Polygon tool Line tool Fill color Stroke color 00:00:00
Class 17
Pathfinder Tool Artboard tool Assignment Type Tool Area type tool Type on path tool Line tool Paintbrush tool Pencil tool Assignment 00:00:00
Class 18
Smooth tool Path eraser tool Blob brush tool Eraser tool Scissor tool Knife 00:00:00
Class 19
Pen tool [Add, Delete, Convert] Rotate tool Reflect tool Scale tool Shear tool Assignment [apply rotate and reflect] 00:00:00
Class 20
Width tool Warp tool Twirl tool Pucker tool Bloat tool Scallop tool Crystalize tool Wrinkle tool Assignment 00:00:00
Class 21
Shape builder tool Live paint bucket tool Assignment Gradient tool Eyedropper tool Symbol sprayer tool 00:00:00
Class 22
Blend tool Warp Distort & transform Pixelate Assignment [Apply blend tool] Assignment [Pattern design] 00:00:00
Class 23
Effects 3D Assignment [Wonderful Logo using map art] 00:00:00
Class 24
Business Card Letterhead & Envelope Post Card Book cover 00:00:00
Class 25
Logo Design T-shirt Design Icon design Social media cover 00:00:00
Class 26
Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creating a New InDesign Document Creating and Using Color Basic Navigation of the InDesign Software Adding and Manipulating Text Finding and Using Free and Paid Images 00:00:00
Class 27
Single Pages vs. Spreads Columns and Linking Text Boxes How to Create Paragraph Styles InDesign Tips & Tricks 00:00:00
Class 28
Objects In Adobe Indesign Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign Exporting Your Documents How to Use InDesign Templates 00:00:00
Class 29
Flyer Brochure Banner 00:00:00
Class 30
Web template design UI&UX [Research, wireframe] Design and prototype 00:00:00
Class 31
Portfolio Behance Online Marketplaces 00:00:00
Class 32
Account Open on Fiverr Gigs on fiverr 00:00:00
Class 33
Account Open on Freelancing process 00:00:00
Class 34
Account Open on 99design/upwork Profile complete 00:00:00
Class 35
How to complete a project Passive income by design 00:00:00
Class 36
Question & Answer Career guideline Problem solving 00:00:00

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